Absinthe Pipes

Absinthe Pipe

The offers another way to enjoy absinthe

Add 2 to 4cl of absinthe , place a spoon and Absinthe sugar on a piece absinthe spoon .

Slowly pour cold water dropwise on the sugar until it dissolves.

There are more then just suck slowly reading a book with legs crossed in

front of the fireplace.

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Slipstream Pipe

The pipe Slipstream absinthe and a true pocket fountain effect, it at the same advantages as a fountain with absinthe spoon.


In respect the traditional ritual:


Fill the reservoir with absinthe, a sugar piece that comes to stall the

backgrounds of the tank bottom and an icicle that comes is deposited on the upper reservoir.


Pour very cold water, drink whitens up and down gently mix in what wilt appear as the smoked in a pipe absinthe Slipstream.


So with detachable straw Ideal for traveling.

49,00 €

  • 0,4 kg
  • disponible
  • 5 à 8 jours de délai de livraison

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