Organic VERBENA Spirit

Gentil in alchol content, Awen Nature Verbena is slightly sweet which allow itself to unfold features of the plant. It is characterized by a refreshing flavor, typical of verbena. Ideal at the beginning or at the end of a meal due to its low sugar and alcohol, it will remind you of cold lemon verbena teas. It is drank pure, cool or on the rocks and in


Previously as a blacksmith, the creator of Nature Awen appreciated Verbena particularly during his long hot forging days, in drink cold teas, and infusions. In the evening, he liked his drink with some small drops of neutral alcohol. 

Thus it was born, the idea to create this Spirit Verbena. Symbol of the fusion between man and nature, Dryad was chosen to represent the Verbena Awen Nature.

INGREDIENTS: alcohol *,cane sugar *, herbal distillate Verbena *

* Ingredients from organic farming in the EU. FR-BIO-01

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Spiritueux à la VERVEINE 70CL


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Spiritueux à la VERVEINE 50CL


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Spiritueux à la VERVEINE 5CL

1 Mignonette 5CL à 17.5%Vol

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Médaille D'OR pour GIN MIST lors du Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2016


Médaille d'argent au concours Général Agricole 2015 pour l'

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